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Choosing An Exterior Paint Colour

Everything we see around us is presented through colours – in many combinations & shades. It is one of the beautiful things in life. Colour creates, enhances, changes, reveals and establishes an ambiance all of its own. When I think of choosing an exterior paint colour the first thing that I think about is what motivates the choice of colour. It can be a very personal decision and then again it might be a professional decision in mind for resale. It could be purely for ease of maintenance and longevity of a particular look, Then again it might be limited by external factors or by the latest colour trends. Firstly it is important to identify what motivates your colour choice. For some, this may take time but it is worth the extra clarification so you end up with a choice that will serve you in the long term.

How a Colour Consultant Could Help You.

As exterior colours vary significantly in the time they will last. I see it being extremely helpful to get expert advice and guidance when selecting your final colour or colour schemes. The expertise and experience a colour consultant bring prove itself in the happiness, confidence and peace of mind gained by those who choose to make use of there services. Saving you a great deal of time and energy and providing sound advice you can rely on, are just a few of the many benefits they bring. Sitting with you first to discuss your preferences, needs and wants can really help clarify the process for you. Then taking all the hassle away by seeking out and gathering from a number of sources colour samples and information that match your specific preferences. Tailor delivering all the components to you in one easy process. Making your decision process straightforward and in most cases enjoyable and a lot of fun! As part of Pro Crew Paintings vision to create happy experiences for their clients we offer free colour consultation by an expert consultant for all our clients.

Some Things To Think About When Choosing a Colour

Do you want your house to look unique in your neighbourhood or uniform? Or maybe a combination of both. Look at the roofing – is it cedar or asphalt shingles or made from tile, copper or aluminum? Also, take into consideration your landscaping and garden areas. Inspiration can come from many different places. Looking at your house in its context can be extremely helpful. Maybe try looking at your house from across the street or different angles that you may not have noticed before. Sometimes it is a colour in the garden or in a piece of furniture that really catches your eye. Take note of that – as a colour choice can sometimes be a collection of many different factors. One example of this came from the owner, operator Cyrus from Pro Crew Painting who recently completed a full house exterior in Vancouver where the exterior front door colour matched a particular tulip the clients were very fond of in their garden. The colour on the door reminded them of the tulip especially when it was not in bloom and when in bloom it all looked stunning together.

Have You Considered Multiple Colour options?

The British colonial Tudor house with the white and black contrast truly stands out as one of the quintessential multiple colour choices. Although that combination is still popular today there are so many complementary palettes that could completely transform your house. You could choose many multiple colour options. According to Cyrus at Pro Crew Painting the average exterior colour choice in Vancouver is 3 different colours. Although he has seen some people use up to eight colours on the exterior of their houses. Whatever your preference keep multiple colour choices as an option. With Pro Crew’s Colour Consultant you can be assured of expert help in colour matching all your colour options.

If you live in the Vancouver area and are looking for a professional painting company to update the exterior colour of your home, give Pro Crew Painting a call! Our team has a keen eye for colour and we can help choose the perfect exterior paint colour to fit your home and neighbourhood.

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