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When it comes time to refresh your home with a new coat of paint, there are many choices to be made. It can be challenging to narrow down what colour you want where, and which palette works best for your home. Different colours and shades work better to accent various rooms within your home, as well as the exterior of your home. While you should always paint your house precisely the colours that you want, here are some helpful tips if you are struggling to figure out what to paint.

What to paint a smaller room?

When you are painting a smaller room, like a bedroom or a half-bathroom, then there are tricks to help it look bigger. Dark colours are a no-no if your goal is to make space look larger. This is because dark tones absorb light which ends up making the room look smaller. To create the illusion that the room is larger go with lighter, soft tones like off-white, and pale blue-grey or green. Also, paint the trim of the room a lighter colour than you are painting the walls.

What to paint large, open concept rooms?

When it comes to large spaces, you have a lot more freedom in what colour of paint you choose. You can stick with shades that are much more neutral, beige and off-white, but you can be daring and go as dark or bold as you want. Accent walls are a great option for large spaces as well. Go with a neutral colour and select a single wall to go wild with and draw the eye.

What to paint your kitchen?

Deciding what to paint your kitchen depends a lot on what type of kitchen you have. Rustic, modern, traditional, cottage charm, French country, the list really does go on and on. Depending on what style of kitchen you will determine which paint colour looks best. If you are having a hard time deciding on paint colours for the kitchen, then stick to a neutral colour or go with green, yellow, orange, or red. All of these colours do not inhibit appetite, no matter how bright they are. In fact, bright kitchens are pleasant places that you and your family will enjoy cooking and dining in.

What to paint your bathroom?

You want your bathroom to look clean and fresh above all else. Luckily, countless colours will help you achieve this look. You can go with softer colours such as mint, taupe, cool grey, and the traditional powder blue, or you can go dark and achieve the clean look with black, ink, or cerulean. You have unlimited freedom with bathrooms, though, but if you are stuck, then a classic colour to go with is blue – in any shade. It harkens back to water and will look great.

What to paint the exterior of your home?

There are all sorts of traditional paint colours to go with for the exterior of your home. White, pale yellow, beige, and pale green being very common ones. There is no need to be confined by these traditional colours (though they are lovely in their own right!). A charming exterior paint colour is navy blue with white trim. You could also go with a variety of greys and select bolder trim colours such as teal or burgundy. If you do like tamer colours though, you can always add that pop of colour to your door to make your home look inviting and a little bit less cookie cutter.

There are traditional colours for different spaces in your home that are tried and true, and if you are struggling with deciding what colours to paint your house, then they are a great starting point. You have an unlimited choice when painting and whatever feels right is the colour you should go with. If you are looking for painting services whether interior or exterior painting then contact Pro Crew Painting. We are painting contractors that know how to get the job done just the way you want.


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