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Communication Promise - Getting Started

Our process means consistent communication and quality check ins with our clients. We paint happy experiences and it starts with exemplary customer service and a quality assurance.

Our Cleanliness Promise

Pro Crew Painting teams aims to leave your space ready to live in everyday. We set up our work station in a space as directed by our clients and put all tools away at the end of each work day. Our aim is to be efficient enough that you barely notice we are there.


Pro Crew Painting is insured to protect your home with liability insurance and our crew with Worker’s Compensation insurance. That’s because your peace of mind is important to us and doesn’t stop at just covering your floors.

$2 million liability insurance

Full WCB coverage



Nothing says confidence in craftsmanship like the warranty. Our warranty covers the cost of both material and labour. We will correct the affected paint area at zero cost to you. We stand behind our work because your peace of mind matters to us.

We will correct the affected paint area at zero cost to you. We aim for you to get the best life out of your project.  

With a Pro Crew premium warranty we can insure the best life of your project. Slowing the aging process by a number of timely checks, with free touch ups, repairs and maintenance plans. This is the best way you can protect the good work we have done and your investment. Keeping the maximum quality and lifespan of your project is what our premium warranty is for.


From biggest to the smallest projects giving you the most trustworthy Guarantee & absolute peace of mind matters to us. Our Reputation matters to us. Maintaining our own impeccable standards matters to us. When we say “Painting Happy Experiences” we mean it. We will do what it takes to bring satisfaction. We believe in quickly resolving issues with enthusiasm and integrity. We understand the sensitivities and disruption a painting project can cause and we want to instill absolute trust in our systems and abilities.

How we achieve this:

Our Way

“Painting Happy Experience” is our vision and colours just about everything we do. To us, this means working thoughtfully, cultivating a happy work environment and taking pleasure in making you happy.

Open Communication

We do this by encouraging open lines of communication during the entire project. This helps navigate any issues before they might arise giving us the opportunities to address the situation promptly.

Handle Complaints Immediately

We can not offer perfect service all the time. When we fail to hit the mark we encourage you (our client) to tell us. Our mandate is to ensure that your concerns are heard and complaints are responded to quickly and satisfactory.

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