In the beginning…


Hey, I’m Cyrus Jagosh!

I founded Pro Crew Painting back in 2003 after moving to Vancouver with the goal of disrupting the traditionally not-so-professional painting with a fresh, enjoyable & exciting customer experience. I was born & raised in Nova Scotia and was first exposed to the world of painting while apprenticing with one of Nova Scotia’s more prolific businesses. It was here that I learned the impact of influencing a market with a phenomenal experience.


Learning Process

Learning Process

In 2013 in an endeavor to both share and deepen my own knowledge of the painting industry, I took a hiatus from Pro Crew Painting and joined Sherwin Williams Paints manufacturing company, where I managed stores and became a direct liaison with contractors, stratas, designers and architects, to help them understand coating specifications, application techniques and failures.


Pro Crew Relaunch!

After 5 years of learning on the paint manufacturer side and with new in-depth knowledge of the industry on both the application and products, we relaunched Pro Crew Painting in 2017 with a refreshed vision to offer exemplary painting services while leading the way for fostering happy experiences.


Fresh Look!

Fresh Look!

In early 2019 we underwent a rebranding to align our quality of service and company values and after 17 years in the business, what sets us apart from the pack is clearer and simpler than ever: We Paint Happiness!