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Just like the inside of your home, the outside of your home needs TLC every so often. When it starts to get dirty, it needs to be cleaned. There are two approaches to cleaning the exterior of your home; power washing and soft washing. Power washing uses high pressured water with little to no chemical detergents or cleaners; the water does all the work. Soft washing uses low water pressure and relies on soaps and cleaners to do the work instead of water pressure.

You need to use both methods when cleaning the exterior of your home, as different areas require different treatment. This is because of how harsh power washing is. Power washing uses 2500 to 3000 PSI (pounds per square inch), which is incredibly high in comparison to the 70 PSI that it takes to soft wash an area. More sensitive areas of a home cannot withstand power washing, while other areas need it to get rid of grime that just won’t quit.

So Where Do You Use Soft Washing?

One of the areas that you need to use soft washing on is the roof. Not only will it protect the shingles, which, while built to withstand the elements, are not quite strong enough for 3000 PSI beating down on it. If you pressure wash your roof, chances are you are voiding your roof warranty. Written into many roof warranties is a clause that states if you pressure wash your roof then you will lose your warranty because it does damage the shingles. Stick to soft washing this area.

Other areas that need to be soft washed instead of pressure washed include cedar and wood panel siding. If you power wash these areas, you can make them splinter and cause chunks to fall off. Wood fences will suffer the same fate as well, as will decks. Stucco can also be damaged by a pressure washer; screens can be ripped apart, and porches can be damaged. When you clean any of these things, you will want to use low water pressure, some elbow grease, and chemical cleaners to get the job done.

What Can be Power Washed?

A lot of what can be power washed is on the ground. You will get the best results power washing concrete driveways, sidewalks, walkways, and patio paving stones. This is because they have a ton of tiny crevices and imperfections where dirt and grime go to live. Soft washing is often not enough to really get in there are get that grime gone. Power washing, in these cases, blasts away the dirt and leaves stones looking new.

Another thing that should be power washed is house siding. While you do need to be careful, and cannot power wash wooden house siding if your house siding is metal, power washing is the best option for getting it cleaned.

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