Professional Christmas Light Installation in Vancouver

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Let us safely hang your Christmas lights this season

We plan the design, and are equipped to install lights on anything you desire; on your house, building, trees, landscape, railings to make your vision come true. Set the process in automation with our timers installation.

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We Supply the Lights

Let us show you what is new in the marketplace and what is tested and true.  We have suppliers to find those unique solutions for your home.

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Protect your investments with our prompt & careful removal service done in a manner for space saving storage and reuse for years to come.

Use Your Existing Christmas Lights

Ready to let someone else do the lighting this year, after all the baking, the presents and preparation of the in-laws perhaps it is time we take hanging your lights off your to do list.  Detangling included!

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As part of our desire to make your life easier, when you store with us you put the process into automation, all you have to do is sit back and relax.


We have been hanging Christmas lights in Vancouver for 10 years.  As exterior house painters we know how to safely maneuver around your home.  As passionate people we know how to light your night.

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