Our Protocols & Procedures



Pro Crew Painting is taking the following actions to help prevent the spread of viruses. 


What this looks like in real life for us . . .


During this period of social distancing, Pro Crew will be focusing on Exterior Projects and Unoccupied Spaces (offices / retail / new construction) to reduce contact between crew and clients.


Please read below for our new procedures on job sites, for our community, for our clients & FAQ.

On Job Sites


  • Physical distancing, the crews are embracing video calling!


  • Sanitizing frequent touch points such as door knobs, tools, and vehicles. Our goal is every 2 hours. 


  • We are working in smaller crews and even staggered scheduling. 


  • Proper and frequent handwashing. 

Reporting Procedures


  • Site logs for anyone who comes to that site (including clients) – if someone on the site reports sick, the log sheet will allow us to notify anyone who may have been in contact with the sick person.


  • Twice daily crew check-ins of any symptoms (cough, fever, tiredness, difficulty breathing, or general not well-being).


Our Community & Clients


  • We’ve donated 65 of our N95 face masks that were in storage for the crews to St. Paul’s Hospital front line staff, and have given employees 1/2 face respirators and additional instructions on how to maintain them during these times. 


  • We are able to provide contactless service. That means quoting, painting, inspecting, and invoicing can all be performed without close physical proximity. We are currently doing this with clients completing exterior painting and unoccupied office, retail and commercial space painting.


We are continuing to monitor the developments around the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation closely, keeping those affected in our hearts.



Q – Am I still able to get a quote?


A – We are still quoting, but obtaining more information on the phone/digitally, and requesting to take measurements in a space with no one in it.



Q – What is remote quoting?


A – If you are able to send us a combination of photos, plans and/or rough dimensions or do a video conference with us, we can provide a quote for you remotely! You could receive the quote within the hour, click here to book a remote quote.



Q – How long until I can return to my space that’s been painted?


A – By the time we are done cleaning up, packing up and sanitizing all the touch points, you are able to return as soon as we leave.



Q – Can you provide contactless service?


A – Yes! We would be happy to facilitate this. 



Q – What if I have touch ups I see after you leave?


A – Part of our process is to give you time to review the work, identify any areas you would like to have touched up, and we return to complete them!




Please reach out directly to Cyrus via text, phone or email.




[email protected]

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