How to Pick a Strata Painting Contractor

strata painting contractor

What is strata painting, and how do you pick a strata painting contractor… without wasting hours on research and follow-up calls?

At Pro Crew Painting, we understand the laborious process of strata painting. That’s why we have a fail-safe project management and painting process that has everything you’re looking for in a painting contractor: minimal disruption to you and your residents, the utmost efficiency, and adamant excellence that saves you money and gets the job done right the first time.

In today’s blog, we’ll be focusing on the topic of how to hire a strata painting contractor that suits your needs and budget– the no-fuss way!

Tip #1: Look For Organization and Good Time Management


As with any other project you may take on, organization and good time management are an absolute must when you begin looking for a strata painting contractor. This includes researching painters in your community and going over their portfolios to see what kind of work they have done.

When researching, another good thing to do is go on the company’s website and read the reviews/testimonials from past clients. Also, pay attention to the potential contractor’s attitude and level of obligation for the health and safety of everyone involved, work setting and excellence in work ethic.

We recommend blocking off an hour to compile a list of potential strata painting contractors, which you can sort into a physical list or a digital one in an Excel spreadsheet for referencing purposes.

Tip #2: Prioritize Clear Communication Between the Client and Contractor


When it comes to the list of priorities of the working relationship between the client and contractor, clear communication is just as, if not more, important as having the good organization and time management skills we talked about above.

Once you’ve hired your contractor, have a sit-down with everyone involved before the job begins to lay out your expectations and what your desired final outcome is. This will give the contractors the chance to ask you any questions they may have and vice versa.

Good communication goes both ways. If you communicate well with your contractor and are clear right from the get-go, they will show you the same courtesy.

Poor communication, on the other hand, is where you just show up, give very little detail on what you want, and walk away. No one is a mind reader, they can’t tell what you’re thinking just by looking at you. Poor communication can result in the headache of wasted time on both sides, an inadequate working relationship and, potentially, a lawsuit or court battle.

Tip #3: Value Experience and Reputation

It’s no secret that strata painting can be a frustratingly challenging and laborious process. There is only a small number of contractors who have the patience, knowledge, and tools to do this job right the first time. The outward appearance of your building matters just as much as the inside.

Representation is everything when you have potential customers or residents to consider. If the building looks rundown on the outside but is well-furnished with a high-quality paint job on the inside, it sends mixed messages.

When you’re hiring a strata painting contractor, do your research on their reputation. This could include reading online statements from previous clients, as well as requesting a list of references and getting in touch with them to ask what their experience was working with this contractor. If the contractor refuses to provide you with a list of references, chances are they are not the right person for the job and what you’re looking for.

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