How Paint Can Help Your Home Sale

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If you’re unsure how paint can help your home sale, take it from us here at Pro Crew Painting: sometimes, a good paint job can be the difference between a house selling and not selling.

Yes, really!

Today, we dive into exactly how paint can help your home sale– and circumstances where it’s a necessity before putting yours on the market.

The Stats Are In: Repainting Your Home Helps it Sell Faster

According to a recent Top Agents Insights Report conducted by HomeLight, 30.85% of real estate agents recommend that sellers repaint their homes before listing.

Why? Because it helps sell prospective buyers on the thought of living there.

Just like with home staging, fixing up chipping, peeling, or fading colours can make all the difference when it comes to first impressions: it can help make your home feel brighter, newer, and even more spacious depending on the colours used.

A fresh coat of paint also works to boost your home’s marketability by instantly improving its listing photos and curb appeal. After all, in a real estate market as competitive as Vancouver’s every little bit counts!

Conditions to Take Into Account When Repainting Your Home

Here are the top factors to take into consideration when repainting your home for the market:

  • The state of your exterior paint: has your house been completely leached of colour over the years, or does it look good as new after a good power-wash? Here at Pro Crew Painting, we want to help you work smarter, not harder– so, if you find that your exterior paint just isn’t up to snuff after a solid cleaning, know that you’ll want to get it repainted to make it look like a turn-key home
  • Your competition: are all of the other for-sale homes in your neighbourhood freshly painted? Then you’ll want to hop on the bandwagon. Unless you’re selling your home for lower than the average asking price in your area, you’ll want your home to look sparkling-new to make sure you don’t receive any offers under your initial asking price
  • Your home’s detriments: are your appliances on the older side, or is your yard smaller than the average? Then a fresh coat of paint can help offset parts of your home that some buyers may consider detriments

Lastly, Repainting Makes Your Return on Investment Soar

A fresh coat of paint can have your return on investment skyrocket.

By how much? Well, RE/MAX estimates that a fresh coat of paint can boost your ROI by a staggering 60%. That’s well over half!

Despite not being a dramatic change, they hit the nail on the head when they say that a repaint adds a fresh, “new” feel to even old homes.

Ready to Experience First-Hand How Paint Can Help Your Home Sale?

Don’t get left in the dust of Vancouver’s hyper-competitive real estate market. Instead, call us here at Pro Crew Painting.

After a thorough consultation to clarify your vision, we will walk you through the colour sampling and confirmation processes before embarking on the project! Whether it be your interior, exterior, or both, we’re your first and last stop.

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