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When it comes to doing your own painting by hand versus hiring a professional painting company, some may assume they can pinch pennies by reading some how-to’s online and jumping right in.

However, we here at Pro Crew Painting are here to warn you that, in the debate between “DIY versus painting company”, there’s no competition– and that attempting to DIY will result in losing you both more time and more money than you’ve bargained for.

Why? Well…

1. Painting Companies Know the Tricks of the Trade

Our crew members have worked in Vancouver’s professional painting scene for years, meaning that we’ve witnessed the good, the great, and the not-so-great choices commonly made within the industry.
As it happens, the most common “not-so-great” choices tend to be made when people don’t leverage professional painters’ insider knowledge.

These can include:

  • Overpaying on paint that could have been bought for cheaper
  • Mistakenly buying lower-quality paint
  • Choosing clashing colour schemes
  • Not finishing their painting projects on time due to underestimating the time required; and
  • Using the wrong equipment

When it comes to working smarter, not harder, opting for a professional painting company is your best bet.

2. You’ll Spend More Money and Time Getting Your Walls in the Right Condition

Trust us: if it can’t be fixed with spackle, you’ll save both time and money by hiring a professional painting company right away.

That includes having significant holes in drywall, having wallpaper, having a large area that needs to be painted, and/or having high ceilings.

This also extends to using specialty finishes. Since lacquers are a spray application only, DIYers won’t have the right technique or equipment necessary to get the coverage they need… especially if you’re handling a high-shine finish, which has a tendency to highlight imperfections if not done with a keen eye.
And if you’re looking for someone to take over painting your strata complex? That absolutely requires a professional painter. Our project management and painting process has been developed over many years in the business to ensure minimal disruption to you and your strata.

3. Painting Companies Can Act as Consultants for DIYers

Even if you’re set on DIYing your next painting project, you should still seek out a professional for an expert opinion on how to best tackle it.

If you:

  • Are touching up worn paint either inside or outside
  • Are repainting a small room; or
  • Have walls in good condition that simply require a new coat of paint

Then DIYing may be feasible if you’re ready to not skimp out on tools. For inspiration, we’d first recommend heading to Houzz before jumping into your first (or next) DIY project.

Call Us Today For Painting Done Right (the First Time)

Drastic colour changes, multi-story projects, and working on walls in need of repair are all arrows pointing towards that, when it comes to DIY versus hiring a painting professional, you should be opting for the latter.

If you’re unsure whether your painting project warrants a professional touch, don’t hesitate to reach out today: we here at Pro Crew Painting serve from downtown Vancouver all the way to Mount Pleasant.

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