Choosing an Exterior Paint Colour

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It’s true: everything we see around us is presented through colours, and that is especially true when it comes to exterior paint colour.

In their many combinations and shades, colours create, enhance, change, and even establish an ambiance all their own. After all, how differently do you feel when it’s sky blue versus when it’s brewing with black storm clouds?

That’s why choosing the right exterior paint colour is so important: whether it be purely for ease of maintenance or to be in-line with the latest colour trends, it’s crucial to identify what motivates your exterior colour choice.

In today’s blog, we here at Pro Crew Painting outline what to think about when picking exterior colours, the beauty of multiple colour options, and, of course, how a colour consultant could help you.

What to consider when choosing an exterior paint colour

Do you want your house to look unique or uniform?

Is your roofing cedar, asphalt, shingles, or made of tile, copper, or aluminum?

Do you have a garden? If so, what colours does it consist of?

All of these are fantastic questions to get you started thinking about what matters to you in regards to your exterior paint colour. Inspiration can come from many different places: looking at your house in its context can be extremely helpful. Maybe try looking at your house from across the street or different angles that you may not have noticed before. Sometimes it is a colour in the garden or in a piece of furniture that really catches your eye!

Note that colour choice can sometimes be a collection of many different factors. One example of this came from our owner and operator, Cyrus, who recently completed a full house exterior in Vancouver where the exterior front door colour matched a particular tulip the clients were very fond of in their garden.

The colour on the door reminded them of the tulip especially when it was not in bloom (and when in bloom, the combination looked stunning together!)

The benefits of multiple colour options

The British colonial tudor house with its white and black contrast truly stands out as one of the quintessential multiple colour choices.

Although that combination is still popular today, there are many other complementary palettes that could completely transform your house… that likely haven’t even crossed your mind!

As Cyrus often says, the average exterior colour choice here in Vancouver is made of three different colours. Meaning? That you should absolutely consider multiple colour options when it comes to the exterior of your home.

How a colour consultant can help

Because exterior colours vary significantly in terms of their longevity, it is vital to get expert advice and guidance when selecting yoru final colour or colour schemes.

The expertise a colour consultant brings proves itself in the happiness, confidence and peace of mind gained by those who choose to make use of their services.

Sitting with you first to discuss your preferences, needs, and wants can really help clarify the process for you…. On top of then taking all the hassle away by seeking out and gathering from a number of sources colour samples and information that match your specific preferences!

As part of Pro Crew Paintings vision to create happy experiences for our clients, we offer free colour consultation by an expert consultant for all our clients.

If you live in the Vancouver area and are looking for a professional painting company to update the exterior of your home, give Pro Crew Painting a call! We are well established with exceptional customer reviews. We bring a passion for colour, a keen eye, and 17 years of experience.

Get your quote today by calling us at 604-785-2739 or book online through our online booking system.

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