The Best Paint Colours for Workplaces

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In this article, we demonstrate the importance of colour psychology and how it is used to decide on the best paint colours for workplaces.

Typically, the colour of your workplace is determined by three key factors:

  • Your industry
  • Your business’s existing brand colours
  • Your space’s layout

When used right, colour psychology can encourage sales and even spark employee productivity.

Let’s dive in.

What is Colour Psychology?

Colour psychology is the learning process of discovering how colours have an impact on human behaviour.

When choosing a paint colour for your business, the right painting contractor will know how to influence the colour so that it benefits your business, as well as taking what the colour means to you personally as a business owner.

The Best Colours for Workplace Productivity

When choosing the best colour for workplace productivity, it’s important to recognize that certain colours stimulate our levels of efficiency and originality at work, as well as enhancing our mood.

Now let’s take a look at what the best high intensity and low intensity colours are– both of which work to inspire productivity.


Blue is a colour associated with intelligence and embodies the positive traits of reliability, reason, interaction, and proficiency.

It is best applied in atmospheres where great levels of attention and rational effort are in high demand. IT offices in particular trend towards the colour blue for this reason.


Red signifies bravery, power, and enthusiasm. It is a corporeal colour and is a wise colour choice where bodily energy is needed.

Due to its invigorating nature, we oftentimes paint gyms in a burgundy or bold red hue– and our customers love the results!


Yellow is a colour associated with emotion when it comes to colour psychology– therefore, it should be applied in areas where your goal is to encourage optimism and imagination.

Schools, mental health centres, and hospitals are all appropriate workplaces to utilize a soft yellow gradient.


Green is the colour associated with equilibrium. It epitomizes agreement and our natural surroundings. Green offers tranquility and stability in offices and medical settings where long hours are needed.


Purple is a colour that accompanies mysticism or extravagance. While it can endorse profound thoughts, exercise caution with the amount– we love using violet as an accent colour for businesses that deal with high-end goods like cars, watches, or jewellery.

The Best Colours for Increasing Sales

Now that we’ve learned about the best colours for workplace productivity, let’s take a look at the role colours play in increasing sales.


Black is a popular colour for affluent brands like Rolls-Royce and Lamborghini, whose demographics are usually in favour of men.

While black can easily come across as dingy (especially in a layout that has very little natural light), a professional painting contractor can work with you to utilize the colour psychology of black without it downplaying the beauty of your office or retail space.


Orange is like the exclamation mark of colours: it is bold, attention-grabbing, and, as such, is a favourite of marketing firms that need to demand the attention of a potential customer as soon as they walk into the room.

Leverage Colour Psychology Today with Pro Crew Painting

With these colours in mind, a professional painter will be able to steer you in the right direction regarding colour psychology depending on your business’s retail space, industry, and branding.

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